Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Online Etiquette

Online language and etiquette

bbl = be back later.

brb = be right back.

Ty = thankyou

Yw = your welcome

Yvw = you’re very welcome

Np = no problem

lol = laugh out loud.

rofl = rolling on the floor laughing.

lmao = laughing my asterisk off. (It’s a family paper, lol)

roflmao = rolling on the floor laughing my asterisk off.(family paper thing(( look above)

tc = take care. sd = sweet dreams. gm = good morning.

;) = wink :) = smiley [;~)> = computer guy winking (self portrait)

Online etiquette is not unlike any other polite society. Basic common sense should be your guide. Some folks come online and think the rules of polite society don’t apply because they are home or at work and anonymous. People still have feelings that can be bruised. Play nice. Don’t be offensive. (Though, like the real world, most are good and fun to chat with)
A word of caution; Meeting some one on the internet is no different then meeting them on the beach, bars or a park. Most people are mostly good, but not all. So use common sense. Any meetings face to face should be in public places, like a restaurant etc. Never give out personal information on the Internet no matter how long you have known them. It might not be who you think it is reading it.

It always amazes me how intimate the written word can be, even in text. There is some thing about seeing words that some how makes it true when in fact its just some unhappy person being mean or kind person being good. Be good.

I once met a woman in a chat room. (Notice I speak as though we were there in the flesh) and she spoke how happy she was but didn’t mention a boy friend or husband. I asked if she was in love. She said “yes, how did you know?” The power and intimacy of the written word is an awesome thing. I really didn’t know, Just a feeling.

Bottom line; every thing you need to know about online etiquette, you learned in kindergarten. Play nice, don’t push and have fun.

Mutually Exclusive

Mutual exclusivity;

They wanted to burn Galileo at the stake for having the audacity of saying the earth revolved around the sun. It was God vs. science and they spoke for God. He recanted and (wisely) never again said such blasphemy publicly.

I had a discussion with a friend and an acquaintance about a study I had read stating that chronically ill people who were prayed for did better then those not prayed for in the double blind study. I was told by both that you can not bring science in to theology, That, they were mutually exclusive. I thought of how I felt about Adam and Eve vs. evolution. Does God really have a calendar week that is identical to ours? Does the all knowing master of time, space and dimension really need a gender? I have always thought the answer to creationism vs. evolution was “yes” That they need not be separate issues but rather clues to the beauty of this, all.

At a press conference, Albert Einstein was asked if there was a god. He said; “Yes, God is the sum total of all living beings in the universe.

I love to talk and hear others opinions on God and life. Just so tired of people saying others are wrong. I am sickened by humans killing humans in God’s name.

There is a Hindu passage; “All paths to God are good” I chose to believe that is true and if God were small enough for the likes of me to understand, He, she, they, them, it would not be big enough to do the work.

Hindu, Christian, Jew or Muslim. I rule nothing out. That would be mutually exclusive

internet dating

How to place a personal add on the internet
Net dating or catch and release?
Firstly, be honest!!! Why tell some one a falsehood that if you do meet, will be discovered. Even if it’s not an obvious lie, if you do get together, it will eventually come out. Have fun with who you are. Ever hear of some one being rejected for being honest or funny about them selves? My last personal add states that; “I smoke, drink and dress poorly” Say exactly who you are and what you want. Better 1 response from some one perfect, then 10 almost perfects.

Try to keep it simple but if you’re witty, let that show. Every one loves a good laugh. Humor is a great way to attract that special person. Do not attempt humor if in a bad frame of mind or if it’s not your long suit. Do try to be upbeat and happy. Like any first introduction, they do not want to hear how horrid your last relationship was.

When you’re actually sitting at the key board wondering what to write, get up and walk around to think. Go have coffee. Be relaxed when you do this and speak your mind truly. Don’t let that special person get away because you rushed this.

Most of all have fun with it. If you look for a life partner out of the gate, you will be disappointed and they will run. It’s like a blind date. Meet and greet, but hope for nothing more then a good time with new friends.

A word of caution; Meeting some one on the internet is no different then meeting them on the beach, bars or a park. Most people are mostly good, but not all. So use common sense. All first meetings should be in public places, like a restaurant etc. Never give out personal information on the internet no matter how long you have known them. It might not be who you think it is reading it.

Bottom line, the internet is a great way to meet great people when used right. Where else can you type in a list of likes and dislikes and come up with that beautiful person you’re having dinner with?

Now go, meet and greet be well and be happy ~Dan Right

If I die before I wake..

Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord, my soul to keep. If I die before I wake, I hope my friends, my patents take;
Pet novelties; hamster wheel that pumps water for rodent to drink or runs lil generator for light./ window perches for cats. shaped like an air-conditioner, it jets out of window and is made of clear plastic. locked in by weight of window. is solar heated and gives cat good vantage point./ litter box with double bottom to let liquids drain away to compartment lined with news paper. far more sanitary and relives smell and eases cleaning./ Dog harnace with a shark fin. throw the ball in the watter and you see a dog head swimming with a shark fin. (way funnier when "jaws" was big/ sew watch to dog collier "watch dog"/ lever operated dog and cat dish. keeps food fresh and bug free (takes 2.3 seconds for them to learn they eat if they step on peddle)/ watter dish that has compartment with that blue freezer fluid stuff. put in freezer then pet has cold watter all day. Misc; Mistletoe belt buckle/ Blue freezer liquid stuff beer mug can holder./ black throw rug with white chalk outline like a crime scene/ Fish tank that looks like microwave oven. when you turn it on it bubbles and appears as though fish are being boiled/ Office watter cooler fish tank with separate reservoir for drinking watter. ppl see fish and you drink from it/ small hot-air balloons for promotion and lighting. powered by Sterno can./ normal house fan with heating duct filter mounted on back. cleans air/ solar oven. can power hot water for shower on boats, generate electricity and cook food./ candle operated coffee maker. works like a Mr coffee but can run on kerosene, candle or Sterno/ solar assisted hot Thermos Weapons; hand grenade in shape of Frisbee. allows you to throw grenade around corners./ anti missile, missile. as it gets close to in front of the incoming missile, it explodes a spiderweb like explosively charged wire rope. as it in tangles the weapon, the small explosions disable propulsion and hopefully detonate it mid-air./ steal shank in forearms of sleeves of coat to defend from knife or bat attacks

Sunday, April 13, 2008

If you have no...

If you have no hope, take mine and I will make more.

If you have no strength, take mine and I will carry you.

If you have no God, hold my hand and we will listen quietly together.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Dan Right: 8:44. time to slam a beer or 3 and get Morpheus going. May I ramble for a bit? Really need 2 sleep but not happinng. one of the bummers of bipolar...That and I have 12 loto ticks on my desk that I forgot about.. hehe Dan Right: ayup, beer 4 breakfast...Dan Right: Have to be up at 3 for work. (The bummer night job) Never once in my life have I been told I was not a good man. happens there every night...Dan Right: I do their web work, PR and radio for free, and they call me Denis.... Not kidding. is cash gig but...Dan Right: Told Carol this morn; I am not giving notice, but am telling them I am looking for work and they need to find a man 2 replace me soon" We are not in great need of the $, though when is any one not in need of cash. Guilt thing. OH! that's why the awake!!!Dan Right: wow, hehe. thanks for being my sounding board again. Now I have to figure out how to not feel guilty (LOUD VOICE: GET ANOTHER JOB YA DOPE)Dan Right: hehe, I literally heard just that. I have some great voices. That one was Ernest Borgnine from "Escape from NY" 2 funny. He is one of my faves..Dan Right: ...and that voice always gives great advice. Some, not so much.Dan Right: Wut? I asked if I could ramble and you didn't say no. heheh

Saturday, April 5, 2008


A tale of two villages

1 village in need of more water to arrogate their rice patties
Asked a village to the south on the same river if a dam could be
Placed on their lands. The village elders tasked a man named send to
Travel south with their request. As tribute, the messenger brought
Gifts of 3 goats and a wagon of rice to request permission to build
The dam. (That would be 12 oxen, 11 wagons of rice and a goat in
Today’s economy)

The war lord of the south became angry at the audacity of the
Request and struck Send when he proposed foreigners not only set foot
On the Warlords lands, but also build on them. A great battle ensued
And the northern village decimated the warlord's forces. After so much
Devastation to both peoples, there was no funding or materials to
Build the dam.

The monsoon came. The worst any could remember or had ever heard
Of in tales of old. The valley soon flooded and completely washed away
The southern village leaving what survivors there were with out homes
Or livelihoods.

The moral of the story; when dealing with folks, give a damn and
Never hit send in anger.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lessons learned;

Lessons learned;

After work I took the Momma’s baby out back for a run. She is an Aussie shepherd. All auburn, (even her eyes) Red chest and heart of gold. Truly the Momma’s baby and follows her around like, well a dog. Wile out back with her, I realized how much I could learn from her. After an 18 hr day on 2 hrs of sleep, when I walk in the door, bathe the people I love with wet kisses and make sure they know I need them more then my next breath. Be ready, willing and able to give up all so that they are OK. Sit when asked and play when invited. When nap time comes, have a paw on every body in the bed and reassure all not only that I am there for them, also that they are there with me.

But above all else, only pee in designated areas, or the neighbors point and laugh and Momma gets that look.