Monday, March 28, 2011


I can't find it but I think Emerson said; "If you would see how a man treats his family, look to his books" My version is "If you would see a man's heart, look to his pets" Just sayin'

Then again, Hitler's dog greeted him warmly. I think of that every time I am feeling insecure and am comforted by Shelly's warm greeting. Is a paradox for me that I have never been able to reconcile. No matter how loathsome, my dawg likes me. lol

Was thinking about this thread today. Really enjoyed every one's posts. Reminded me of a thing I read yrs back about a park in Africa. They had a bunch of young male elephants, who every night, would go and kill or hurt members of a near by group of rhinos. No one knew how to stop this. Some one came up with the idea to bring in an old Bull Male elephant. The attacks stopped immediately and never happened again. I just thought that was cool. Every one needs a role model and a Dad. Or just a critter to watch an' learn from