Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Beautiful woman

I had the good fortune to live all over the planit. If your going on just picture perfect, shear looks alone, I still couldn't say one ethnisity alone has an advantage. Other considerations and shear numbers alone will over look noteworthy and outstanding contenders, fo'sho! (and the exceptions, of course, prove the rule!)

Canadian woman for their kindness and heartwarming, good nature...

English, Aussie, New Zealand (wut happened to the old Zealand?), Scots, Irish. The accent alone can give a good boy thoughts and make a good dog break his chain.

Eastern European Woman. They love just as hard as they work live and endure. With as much gusto as many a man but look better doing it.

Latina, Mother of good, Latinias! They will make your home, your love life fantastic and happy. Least you forget and lose a body part.

If my very incomplete list could be complete, I would be remiss to not include America, the Beautiful!
Of the 5 (as I humbly see it)

*Ya have the west coast Fun with an air of eccentric.

*South west, Sun soaked, slow talking and quick to understand and give.

*South East, Oh so hospitable in all the most wonderful ways!

*Mid West. So aptly named the bread basket. They will fill your heart and soul with the virtual goodness of fresh baked bread of life.

And my home, the North East. The woman are loving, kind. The decedents of stout, do or die colonists who live, laugh and love with the same resolve.

I do not believe you can exemplify the most beautiful to one group, color, shape or race. At 52% of the population and 90% of the wonderful, it'd be impossible!