Monday, May 8, 2017

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Default Re: Building a work shop

Thursday I work in the shop 'till just about sunup. (wait, remember the big eyed mouse now living in the metal file draw?)

Having to relieve my self but the neighbors are waking up. So and having an old 5 gallon bucket, I don't bother going out behind the shop.

I forget to empty the bucket but I am the only one who goes out there to the shop so I don't give it a second thought.

Sunday morning about 3AM, I go out to finish a thing for the forum. Having a hard time with it and kinda dreading machining a part that just keeps coming out bad. (really a bummer) but unlock the door and see the bucket-'o-pee. Go to dump it but inside is the big eyed mouse laying like a dog with his chin on the floor. I nudge the bucket with my foot so he can scurry off in his bull mouse and manly fashion. But he doesn't move. I kick it a little harder. The rodent seems to be dead?

So I look a little closer. He is in the prone position and his nostrils are just above the "water" line. He didn't drown. The bucket was next to a bench that's about 40"s tall. So the fall didn't kill him. He didn't drown as his nose was above.

It had been so long that I had been in the shop, I figured he and the other critters had squatter's rights. So I was bringing them food as a sort of rent/thanks for putting up with the noise and light. But he,"the mouse lept to his death rather than living with me" I kiddingly said to Carol.

Carol replied; "I get that"