Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Long and dull

The day ended like the last 32. Finished mowing lawns at the golf course. Walked to the store and bought food, beer and tobacco. On the way back to the bar I live above, I stop on the trail next to the water fall and drink 3 beers and smoke 3 cigarettes. Today a chip-monk sat with me for the 3/4 of an hour. He was at first skittish. Then calm. A cat happened past, across the river and eyed us both, the burly ruff neck and the chip monk. The chip monk became concerned again but soon relaxed. The cat wondered off and the chip-monk did as well. Tomorrow I will bring nuts for him (gonna call him "Franciscan", he's already a monk) I chose to believe that pleasant discourse gives God cause to smile more then the best plied prayer. On the way to "my spot by the falls", I was driven past by a man who had beat me out of my car in a business deal. He is a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier. As our eyes met, there was fear in his. The ego liked it, but that lessens the spirit. Was glad to have met the chip monk. Hope and pray you are all well, as I do every night.


Hope said...

soo...did you bring him nuts??? i pray for you too...hope you are good!!

NECampout said...

Nope, never saw him again. Kinda a bummer.