Saturday, April 5, 2008


A tale of two villages

1 village in need of more water to arrogate their rice patties
Asked a village to the south on the same river if a dam could be
Placed on their lands. The village elders tasked a man named send to
Travel south with their request. As tribute, the messenger brought
Gifts of 3 goats and a wagon of rice to request permission to build
The dam. (That would be 12 oxen, 11 wagons of rice and a goat in
Today’s economy)

The war lord of the south became angry at the audacity of the
Request and struck Send when he proposed foreigners not only set foot
On the Warlords lands, but also build on them. A great battle ensued
And the northern village decimated the warlord's forces. After so much
Devastation to both peoples, there was no funding or materials to
Build the dam.

The monsoon came. The worst any could remember or had ever heard
Of in tales of old. The valley soon flooded and completely washed away
The southern village leaving what survivors there were with out homes
Or livelihoods.

The moral of the story; when dealing with folks, give a damn and
Never hit send in anger.


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