Monday, April 7, 2008


Dan Right: 8:44. time to slam a beer or 3 and get Morpheus going. May I ramble for a bit? Really need 2 sleep but not happinng. one of the bummers of bipolar...That and I have 12 loto ticks on my desk that I forgot about.. hehe Dan Right: ayup, beer 4 breakfast...Dan Right: Have to be up at 3 for work. (The bummer night job) Never once in my life have I been told I was not a good man. happens there every night...Dan Right: I do their web work, PR and radio for free, and they call me Denis.... Not kidding. is cash gig but...Dan Right: Told Carol this morn; I am not giving notice, but am telling them I am looking for work and they need to find a man 2 replace me soon" We are not in great need of the $, though when is any one not in need of cash. Guilt thing. OH! that's why the awake!!!Dan Right: wow, hehe. thanks for being my sounding board again. Now I have to figure out how to not feel guilty (LOUD VOICE: GET ANOTHER JOB YA DOPE)Dan Right: hehe, I literally heard just that. I have some great voices. That one was Ernest Borgnine from "Escape from NY" 2 funny. He is one of my faves..Dan Right: ...and that voice always gives great advice. Some, not so much.Dan Right: Wut? I asked if I could ramble and you didn't say no. heheh

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