Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Online Etiquette

Online language and etiquette

bbl = be back later.

brb = be right back.

Ty = thankyou

Yw = your welcome

Yvw = you’re very welcome

Np = no problem

lol = laugh out loud.

rofl = rolling on the floor laughing.

lmao = laughing my asterisk off. (It’s a family paper, lol)

roflmao = rolling on the floor laughing my asterisk off.(family paper thing(( look above)

tc = take care. sd = sweet dreams. gm = good morning.

;) = wink :) = smiley [;~)> = computer guy winking (self portrait)

Online etiquette is not unlike any other polite society. Basic common sense should be your guide. Some folks come online and think the rules of polite society don’t apply because they are home or at work and anonymous. People still have feelings that can be bruised. Play nice. Don’t be offensive. (Though, like the real world, most are good and fun to chat with)
A word of caution; Meeting some one on the internet is no different then meeting them on the beach, bars or a park. Most people are mostly good, but not all. So use common sense. Any meetings face to face should be in public places, like a restaurant etc. Never give out personal information on the Internet no matter how long you have known them. It might not be who you think it is reading it.

It always amazes me how intimate the written word can be, even in text. There is some thing about seeing words that some how makes it true when in fact its just some unhappy person being mean or kind person being good. Be good.

I once met a woman in a chat room. (Notice I speak as though we were there in the flesh) and she spoke how happy she was but didn’t mention a boy friend or husband. I asked if she was in love. She said “yes, how did you know?” The power and intimacy of the written word is an awesome thing. I really didn’t know, Just a feeling.

Bottom line; every thing you need to know about online etiquette, you learned in kindergarten. Play nice, don’t push and have fun.

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