Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mutually Exclusive

Mutual exclusivity;

They wanted to burn Galileo at the stake for having the audacity of saying the earth revolved around the sun. It was God vs. science and they spoke for God. He recanted and (wisely) never again said such blasphemy publicly.

I had a discussion with a friend and an acquaintance about a study I had read stating that chronically ill people who were prayed for did better then those not prayed for in the double blind study. I was told by both that you can not bring science in to theology, That, they were mutually exclusive. I thought of how I felt about Adam and Eve vs. evolution. Does God really have a calendar week that is identical to ours? Does the all knowing master of time, space and dimension really need a gender? I have always thought the answer to creationism vs. evolution was “yes” That they need not be separate issues but rather clues to the beauty of this, all.

At a press conference, Albert Einstein was asked if there was a god. He said; “Yes, God is the sum total of all living beings in the universe.

I love to talk and hear others opinions on God and life. Just so tired of people saying others are wrong. I am sickened by humans killing humans in God’s name.

There is a Hindu passage; “All paths to God are good” I chose to believe that is true and if God were small enough for the likes of me to understand, He, she, they, them, it would not be big enough to do the work.

Hindu, Christian, Jew or Muslim. I rule nothing out. That would be mutually exclusive

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