Tuesday, April 15, 2008

If I die before I wake..

Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord, my soul to keep. If I die before I wake, I hope my friends, my patents take;
Pet novelties; hamster wheel that pumps water for rodent to drink or runs lil generator for light./ window perches for cats. shaped like an air-conditioner, it jets out of window and is made of clear plastic. locked in by weight of window. is solar heated and gives cat good vantage point./ litter box with double bottom to let liquids drain away to compartment lined with news paper. far more sanitary and relives smell and eases cleaning./ Dog harnace with a shark fin. throw the ball in the watter and you see a dog head swimming with a shark fin. (way funnier when "jaws" was big/ sew watch to dog collier "watch dog"/ lever operated dog and cat dish. keeps food fresh and bug free (takes 2.3 seconds for them to learn they eat if they step on peddle)/ watter dish that has compartment with that blue freezer fluid stuff. put in freezer then pet has cold watter all day. Misc; Mistletoe belt buckle/ Blue freezer liquid stuff beer mug can holder./ black throw rug with white chalk outline like a crime scene/ Fish tank that looks like microwave oven. when you turn it on it bubbles and appears as though fish are being boiled/ Office watter cooler fish tank with separate reservoir for drinking watter. ppl see fish and you drink from it/ small hot-air balloons for promotion and lighting. powered by Sterno can./ normal house fan with heating duct filter mounted on back. cleans air/ solar oven. can power hot water for shower on boats, generate electricity and cook food./ candle operated coffee maker. works like a Mr coffee but can run on kerosene, candle or Sterno/ solar assisted hot Thermos Weapons; hand grenade in shape of Frisbee. allows you to throw grenade around corners./ anti missile, missile. as it gets close to in front of the incoming missile, it explodes a spiderweb like explosively charged wire rope. as it in tangles the weapon, the small explosions disable propulsion and hopefully detonate it mid-air./ steal shank in forearms of sleeves of coat to defend from knife or bat attacks

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