Tuesday, April 15, 2008

internet dating

How to place a personal add on the internet
Net dating or catch and release?
Firstly, be honest!!! Why tell some one a falsehood that if you do meet, will be discovered. Even if it’s not an obvious lie, if you do get together, it will eventually come out. Have fun with who you are. Ever hear of some one being rejected for being honest or funny about them selves? My last personal add states that; “I smoke, drink and dress poorly” Say exactly who you are and what you want. Better 1 response from some one perfect, then 10 almost perfects.

Try to keep it simple but if you’re witty, let that show. Every one loves a good laugh. Humor is a great way to attract that special person. Do not attempt humor if in a bad frame of mind or if it’s not your long suit. Do try to be upbeat and happy. Like any first introduction, they do not want to hear how horrid your last relationship was.

When you’re actually sitting at the key board wondering what to write, get up and walk around to think. Go have coffee. Be relaxed when you do this and speak your mind truly. Don’t let that special person get away because you rushed this.

Most of all have fun with it. If you look for a life partner out of the gate, you will be disappointed and they will run. It’s like a blind date. Meet and greet, but hope for nothing more then a good time with new friends.

A word of caution; Meeting some one on the internet is no different then meeting them on the beach, bars or a park. Most people are mostly good, but not all. So use common sense. All first meetings should be in public places, like a restaurant etc. Never give out personal information on the internet no matter how long you have known them. It might not be who you think it is reading it.

Bottom line, the internet is a great way to meet great people when used right. Where else can you type in a list of likes and dislikes and come up with that beautiful person you’re having dinner with?

Now go, meet and greet be well and be happy ~Dan Right

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